Author Headshot for Richard Moxley

If you want to know why I am so passionate about credit here is my “WHY”!

There I am on my grade 4 basketball team and the coach yells, “you’re in”. Boy was I excited. I had been practicing my shot hour after hour and now I finally had the chance to show everyone how good I was. I get the basketball passed to me and I start dribbling down the court. I came to the three point line and I stopped to look around if there were any of my team mates open, just so I didn’t look like a ball hog, but no one was open. I decided to push through my defender so I could get closer to the net to shoot from my “sweet spot” just to the left of the free throw line. It wasn’t much after getting around my defender that I heard the whistle blow. I was angrily thinking, what is going on? Is it the end of the quarter? Did the coach call a time out? I was just about to score! It turns out that the ref had called a penalty on me for double dribbling. Double dribbling in basketball is when you are moving up the court, stop dribbling and then start dribbling again. I had no clue what that was but it seemed like everyone else knew and I was too embarrassed to ask. To be honest I wasn’t even sure it was me that had done anything wrong. Every time I was put on the court I received that same penalty but once again I was too embarrassed to ask anyone. By the end of the game I was too scared to even go on the court and for years I stayed away for the game altogether. To this day I still remember how embarrassed I felt and how good I could have been if I had only known the basic rules to the game.

Through out my life I have been embarrassed many times in my life and I feel that the most embarrassing times could have been easily avoided if I just had some basic tidbits of information or had some type of mentoring. The embarrassment and costs of my mistakes grew as I grew up. It didn’t matter if it was school, socially, at career, or financially. Why do some succeed and gain wisdom while others continue to fail? I found out that those that have a coach, education, training, or mentor-ship are the ones that thrive! While those who don’t have access to it or don’t seek it out continue to fail. If I would have just asked my Dad, coach, or even another team-mate, “what is double dribbling” I would have continued on with basket ball and would had success instead of failure.

Helping Canadians with their mortgage financing so they could get the best terms and conditions, maneuver around old mistakes, and avoid new mistakes and save thousands of dollars was very fulfilling. However, it wasn’t until I wrote and published the book, The Nine Rules of Credit, that I really found my calling in life. After eight years as a Mortgage Broker, I had finally had enough of watching the Average Joe forced to pay thousands more in excess rates and fees, all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. These good, hardworking people were paying their bills on time, but like most Canadian’s, had no idea there were 8 other rules to this credit game that no one had ever explained. After I wrote the book, I thought my job was done but I was very mistaken.

What do you do when you’re declined for financing, or are a victim of fraud and credit errors? What do you do when you have no credit, or are trying to repair damaged credit? Where do Canadians find answers to these questions? Who is there to fix or help you with any credit problems? Millions of Canadians have nowhere to turn for help. Professionals in the financial industry often don’t have the time, the incentive, or even the knowledge to help. After selling 5000 copies the feedback was, “The book is great but can you just fix my credit for me?” It was then that I decided to create eCredit Fix, a company that could help Canadians understand and improve their credit. Instead of embarrassment, I want to empower. Instead of it being a difficult process to remove errors/fraud, I want to make the process easy. Instead of the confusion and fear, I want give everyone who works with us that quintessential moment and leave them saying, “I got this!”

Everyday, I now get to empower and mentor Canadians who have questions about credit find the correct answers and stop the frustration and embarrassment that comes with not knowing how the credit game is played.  It doesn’t matter if you have just been through a bankruptcy, you have errors/fraud on your report, or just want to know how to improve your credit score, eCredit Fix is here to help you play the game to win!